Dehn Real Estate Logo

Logo Creation

I recently got the opportunity to create a logo for Hilary Dehn and her business, Dehn Real Estate, LLC. based near the Colorado mountains. Hilary stated that she wanted a simple design that somehow incorporated the DRE initials. Below is the final product - a simple yet bold logo that includes the DRE and the triangle peaks serve a dual purpose visually as the mountains where DRE is located, and also the front gables of a home.

But, before we reached that point, the process involved many sketches and ideas that usually never see the light of day. Rough drafts that are just that, rough. There's no shame in showing these off as every good design project should involve some drafts that you might be in love with initially, but after stepping away and coming back with fresh eyes, you realize it's just not going to work.

Eventually, the rough drafts start to get culled down to what's worth fleshing out on the computer and after more paring down, I try to leave a few different variations of a few separate concepts for the customer to choose from. To see if we're even getting close to what the original vision might have been. Or, hopefully we've hit on something that stands out. You can see some of the finalists below and the winner where we eventually played with the colors a bit to decide on the bold red and blue.

Every logo takes a different journey and sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board, literally. This time, we found a winner and I am pleased it was one of my favorites from the beginning:)

If you'd like your own logo, just say the word! If you've got an idea already, great! If not, that's what we're here for. Contact us today to get started!